Koshish kids

These 4 are the senior-most kids of our Koshish Family. They are always up for new things and welcome them with open arms.

Rakhi-College Student

A tender heart with a dazzling smile, who stood for herself despite the life's continuous grind, she believed in herself and forever will.


Her dream is to become a teacher, she is passionate about the things she does. She has just completed her 12th and is on her way to fly into the hustle of college life.


Quite and Shy in Nature with tons of diligence aboard, Smiles as if nothing else matters. Heart pure as a bliss and being helpful is what he likes most.

Ramesh- Mechanical Boy

The hardworking boy who works all day and studies with a limpid mind at night.He wants to be a mechanical engineer with a self made bike already in mind.

Koshish Preamble

  1. ART n CRAFT

    This group is responsible for the Art work done throughout the year not only for the stalls but also for Art n craft teachings among Koshish kids. This group has the power to go beyond creation, learn as well as teach other group members. They will not only create Art and craft but also have to assign craft work to any individual of the group with deadlines and everyone should follow the deadlines.


    It consists of a manager i.e. Stall Manager or Event Manager along with a team who will help the group people in leading the event that follows. Group members in this group will support in conducting all Koshish meetings led by the Event Manager. Festival celebration with kids will be organized by this group. The recruitment process will also be led by the Koshish Event Krafter.

  1. KURE

    As the name says, this group is a health department which directly deals with the health issues of kids. First aid box, Kids cleanliness and Hygiene will be monitored. Regular health checkups will be done with the combine efforts of Koshish Kure n Koshish event Krafter.


    Most crucial department comes when it is related to money. Objective is total transparency, Monthly Bank Account Passbook update, Monthly report of total amount, ideas related to funds increment and pre event money evaluation.


    This is a department which will manage the Time Table and update the attendance. Also it will take care for any further changes in the time table. This group will mark the attendance and will post every evening with all present and absentees also will edit the drive for Koshish attendance. In the end, list of defaulters for entire month will also be posted by this group head, even if no one goes for that particular month reason may be exam or anything. Also moral values classes will be led by this group.

  1. AIMER

    As the Aimers they are the lovers of Koshish they will be the people who work for the welfare of Koshish directly or indirectly and will try to execute the plans or ideas. Mostly all seniors who are not in Dehradun are eligible for this group.


    This group will directly deal with the kid’s needs and requirements. They also will take care of boxes placed in college n will collect clothes weekly n prepare a monthly report. They will create awareness among the people about used clothes and accessories that can be distributed among the kids and their family.

  1. GAME

    It is one of the most crucial dept related to money, as it tries to generate revenue for the kids by organizing different games and other fun activities both online and offline . This dept also provides a boost to the marketing dept as it helps in engaging the follower base of Koshish time to time , through these games so they all can very well feel connected with the Koshish family .


    HR department is tasked with maximizing employee productivity. HR responsibilities include compensation and benefits, recruitment and firing of its members.